Current Projects

Improving Audio Processing

CRTV holds great pride on sounding amazing! That’s why we process our audio in house using Thimeo Stereo Tool. We built our audio processing from the ground up to sound great, no matter what speakers you are using, using our background in audio engineering! Listening to CRTV, you will always notice the audio sounding significantly better. CRTV doesn’t just go “balls to the walls” for processing, we go for quality, currently on v42.2 of our processing settings, CRTV continues to push the boundaries of what we can sound like.

Stereo Tool 10 Upgrade

On the journey to sound as amazing as we can, CRTV has opted in to use the new Thimeo Stereo Tool 10 Beta. Combined with the amazing sound processing settings listeners have come to know and love, Stereo Tool 10 allows us to push the boundaries further.

Music Library Switch to FLAC

We love how our music sounds. Due to some changes with our music provider, CRTV is switching the entirety of the library to FLAC from MP3. This will make a HUGE difference in the sound quality, especially in processing. Thimeo Stereo Tool loves to have more data to play with. With these changes, we aim to keep CRTV sounding the greatest it can.

CRTV Music-Only Simulcast (Finished)

CRTV understands that on busy weather days, or when there are multiple emergencies across the country, the EAS alerts that do not affect your area get to be a bit much, especially when you are listening to the music. Due to this, we have set up a CRTV Simulcast that bypasses all EAS audio, including all audio processing! It sounds just as good as the normal broadcast, getting all the same Thimeo Stereo Tool processing. No more EAS interruptions for those who don’t want it!

Broadcast Computer Upgrade / Status Page

CRTV has brought Better Uptime to ERN. CRTV was the first ERN station to integrate Better Uptime as a status page for our station. You can monitor the status of any and all equipment that relates to the operation of CRTV anytime at! During this time period, the CPU in the broadcast computer was upgraded to allow for more operation overhead, and allow for higher quality Stereo Tool Processing.

Power Consumption Improvements

ERN/CRTV recognizes the necessity to save electricity, along with reducing its carbon footprint. That is why we have decided to tweak all of our systems to consume less power! Everything needed to run ERN/CRTV, and CRTV only uses 30 Watts! This includes the broadcast computer, and the DASDEC-II. There are multiple benefits to this, including longer runtime in the event of a power outage, due to less power consumption, along with lowering the costs associated with running the stations.