The GWES ERN Podcast

The GWES ERN Podcast is a podcast for the EAS and Weather enthusiast communities! We cover the latest EAS/Weather news every week to keep you updated on the changing world of EAS. The Podcast is produced by CRTV owner Cameron Seaman, and is distributed under the GWES ERN Name. New episodes are released every week! The Podcast is available on all platforms.

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Episode 15 – Big Changes The GWES ERN Podcast

Cameron, Gabe, Ana and Marley go through some big changes happening in the community with some news about Apple, FCC changes, and so much more!
  1. Episode 15 – Big Changes
  2. Episode 14 – WEA but Yes.
  3. Episode 13 – New EAS History Found
  4. Episode 12 – Volcanos and T-Mobile Shenanigans
  5. Episode 11 – Part 11 and Digital ENDEC History