About CRTV

Logo of the Global Weather and EAS Society's EAS Relay Network (ERN)

Partnering with the Global Weather and EAS Society since March 2022

CRTV’s Purpose

Providing the most enjoyable listening experience for listeners, and emergency alerts for fellow EAS enthusiasts!

CRTV Stands for Cameron’s Radio For The Valley, because we couldn’t come up with something better…

CRTV’s History

CRTV was born in early March of 2022. Originally, CRTV was basic, using only RadioDJ and a TFT EAS 911. In April, CRTV switched to a Monroe Electronics OneNetSE (DASDEC-II). Since then, CRTV operations only grew, adding StereoTool audio processing, adding proper audio switching processes (good riddance voicemeeter audio switching), and adding the GWES ERN Podcast into the programming for the day. The future of CRTV is looking bright, and we hope you stay for the ride. In September 2022, ERN/CRTV was split into two separate stations, one including EAS audio for enthusiasts, and the other bypassing that system entirely, allowing for a pleasant listening experience for those who don’t want to be interrupted by EAS!

CRTV’s EAS Setup

CRTV is currently setup to operate utilizing all available monitors on the DASDEC-II (OneNet SE).
NOAA Weather Radio (WXL25, Missoula, MT), Local FM Stations (Operating to support the Ultimate EAS Project), and Duel ERN Monitoring, monitoring both ERN/CAP, and ERN/CHRP, are utilized in operation.
ERN/CAP is the secondary entry point for the GWES EAS Relay Network, while ERN/CHRP is the Coordinated Hub for Relay Participants.

Legal Disclaimer

CRTV should not be relied on as a primary source of emergency information.
Please heed the recommendations of any local emergency information for your area.
CRTV cannot be held responsible for listeners not following local emergency information.